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Personal Branding

Learn how to communicate to others what you are all about. Become an expert in what you're bringing to the table and how you want to share that information in a clear, understandable, and honest fashion.


Interview Practice

FRC works with both interviewer and interviewee.  Interviewing is a skill; to be exceptional at being interviewed for landing your dream career position, takes an understanding of what exactly the interviewer is looking for, and articulates the position’s core competencies. If you interview people as part of your career; and want to hone your skills and become better at interviewing people, FRC gives tips and shares tools for becoming better.

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Resume Writing

In today’s day, having a stellar resume is essential!  Learn how to highlight your accomplishments and stand out professionally above the rest, using different styles of resumes.

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SMART Goal Writing

SMART is an acronym used for goal writing that stands for: Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, and Time-Phased.  Whether you are writing a personal/professional goal or writing a team goal, FRC can help you get to the heart of your objective and help you put it into words for clarity and purpose.

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Action Plan

Too many times organizations and individuals have great strategic plans, however, they struggle to put them into action and implement it into reality.  FRC helps you put your plan into action; we do this by using a hands on approach.

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30 Second Elevator Speech

Develop your own 30-second elevator speech for those optimum opportunities when you want to say something but get all tongue-tied.  With FRC, you will be able to write your “pitch” and practice speaking it, whether you are an entrepreneur, job seeker, marketing specialist, or whatever the need!

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