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Essential Business Trainings

Below is a selection of courses that we offer. Click the image in the course box you'd like specific details on to read the description of that course.


Team Building Skills

Learn about group dynamics and the art of team building; where every team player feels like a contributor and is valuable! This course will give you a better understanding of how groups function!


Problem Solving Skills

Problem solving skills are an asset that every employer is looking for in any position. Problem solving skills are important in both personal and professional settings and can ease stress and tension!


Resume and Cover Letter Writing

Stand out from all the others by creating a resume and cover letter that highlights your accomplishments!


Teamwork Skills

Are you interested in becoming a more successful team player? Seeing the value in and helping others to see the value in collaborating?


Customer Service Skills

Understanding the importance of quality customer service skills is an art that is being lost in today’s society. Gaining new customers and retaining your current customers is indispensable.


Time and Stress Management

Ever wonder where all your time goes and why there isn’t enough time in your day? This course will give you tools to better manage your time


Boost Creativity; Apply Divergent Thinking Techniques

In today’s world being able to be creative in helping to solve problems or look for new ways of how we can better accomplish goals is essential.


Critical Thinking Skills

Thinking is a skill that needs to be developed, like any other skill. Learn intellectual standards for becoming a more critically thinking individual to help you make the best decisions and solve problems.


Healthy Boundaries

Develop healthy boundaries both professionally and personally! Learn to say no without feeling guilty! Understand the importance of self-care and how unhealthy boundaries affect your well-being.


Diversity Awareness

Diversity awareness is key to being a team player and learning how to appreciate the differences that each team member brings with them in adding insight, creativity, and their own experiences.


The Art of Effective Communication Skills

Do you wonder why you get frustrated when communicating with others; you don’t feel heard or you feel misunderstood?


Leadership Skills

Are you interested in becoming a more effective leader?

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