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Forensic Peer Recovery Specialist Training: Understanding the Criminal Justice System


St. Paul College


Jana Fischer



Course Details

This course is designed to foster understanding, knowledge, communication, and awareness creating a focus on the criminal justice systems. Whether you are a professional in the field of reentry, recovery, or a volunteer or staff of a community agency; our responsibility to respond is often done by utilizing best practices, cognitive-behavioral recognition, motivational interviewing, and conducting assessments that help us assess the level of needs and in helping to identify barriers and obstacles to our peers’ success.

We bring together the two worlds of recovery and reentry; analyzing and exploring how they overlap and why that’s important for professionals and specialists to understand.

As professionals in these fields we take our lived experience(s) and apply what we have learned, encountered, researched and have been educated by, with the understanding that as an individual, we have the responsibility to respond to the needs of individuals that we encounter.

As community agencies; by comprehensively understanding the two worlds of recovery and reentry we can better eliminate and/or reduce recidivism. As we explore these two worlds and how they intersect, we will unpack their similarities and differences.

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